More traffic to Dreamstine, why not a blog?

I've recently been experimenting with ways to draw more traffic to my portfolio on Dreamstime andincrease exposure of my work. I experimented with Twitter with decent results, now I'm trying to open a Travel Blog, add referral link and banners to Dreamstime and my personal gallery, and provide not only business, but some form of entertainment to my potential clients.

It serves two purposes:

- draw more traffic to my Dreamstime portfolio

- gather more referrals

The first post on Biliki Travel Blog is about a recent event in Frankfurt that I covered, where I got some nice editorial shots to submit to Dreamstime: the International Pillow Fight in Frankfurt. It was funny to shoot, funny to write about and funny to share on Dreamstime and my blog.

More posts about my recent trips to Iceland and Bavaria will shortly follow.

Hope you enjoy my effort.

Photo credits: Francesco Carucci.

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July 13, 2010


Thank for sharing good info. Nice profile.

June 17, 2010


good luck with it! :)

June 08, 2010


Thanks everyone!

June 08, 2010


thanks for sharing and good luck :)

June 07, 2010


Ahah yes I did get a big slap too :D

June 07, 2010


Did you get a slap with a pillow? :))) I like your blog, hope to bring more and more traffic to your port!

June 07, 2010


Great blog! Thanks for sharing!

June 07, 2010


Good effort.... Traffic to our portfolios is always welcome.

June 07, 2010


Great job! Thanks for sharing and good luck with your blog :)

June 07, 2010


It is very beautiful.

June 07, 2010


great picture.. beatiful girl :)

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