Morning Coffee...

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Some times we see so many objects around us in our day by day life, but not always we give attention to them, as the habit turned them usual!

Almost all the companies now a days have a coffee machine where the gethering is almost a habit or even an obligation for drinks addicted!

Around that machine, people continue the conversation of yesterday or where they start gossips about the boss or a colleague :)

Where they discuss a plan before a meeting! The place where you might know the news about the company or the workers!

Anyway I searched on DT to check how many commercial coffee machines exists... Really small number of illustrations!

I came up with a machine that is similar to what I see mostly... Ready to be edited by designers & going to upload the vector ASAP...

Hope this can make you look around carefully to comeup with something!

Have a nice weekend ;)

Photo credits: Maen Zayyad.

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Great idea!


Thanks Jitka I need comments like your's to hear every morning ;)


What a splendid illustration! And a topic that made me-- a taste for a wonderful cup of coffee :-) I wish you a very nice talks over coffee :-)


Thanks Altaf ;)


very well executed illustration. great idea, and good luck.


Thank Marilyn :)
Carol gossips are not to tell in with all these people around the machine :))
Susan have one on me you really need coffee! :))


Now we have a machine to go with our gossip!!! Gather 'round......
I couldn't get my money into the slot :((


Great idea Maen! What's the latest gossip? ;)


Love coffee, specifically espresso, a double shot starts my morning nicely! :)


Great idea....I don't have one at work so I must search to find one:)


Thanks guys!
To have a drink click on the image then download :P :))


Well done!! I wish you luck!! Maen I ll like a capuccino, pleeeease


A coffee please!First i thinking it is a photo of coffee machine,great work Maen:)Wish you many sales and i still wait the coffee:))


Very interesting!! I had never thought of that. :)

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