Morning magic

Sometimes is very necessary to throw away regular day schedule and to start from scratch. So did I one morning and I woke up 4 hours earlier than usual in darkness to be in one exact place on time.

The result is here

This is one of my favourite photos up here in Dreamstime.

This exact landscape could be viewed from that spot already 500 years ago.

Only thing that is changed is the nature and the trees.

Photo credits: Marko Palm.

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October 24, 2008


You've seen and record what others never seen for your diligence.

October 23, 2008


Thank You for replies. I can give one tip that helps me when I fallow it ;)

When you leave home take your camera with you. When you have free time and you would like to make some new photos go to somewhere, where you have never gone before and be open minded!

That helps for me!

October 23, 2008


Beautiful shot. Got any landscape tips for a newbie?

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