The morning wake up

Got your coffee today? The corporatist type of coffee? Leaving early in morning, I got my coffee at work, work while drinking it. Try not to spill that on the report, it will definitely ruin my day. Relax for a bit in the sun coming through the window (although the air conditioning in the building certainly makes it cooler). Not a bad way to start a working day!

Or maybe the drink-my-coffee-in-bed type? Too lazy to get up so early. Lucky me that I have such a sweet husband/wife who takes such care of me an brings me a nice warm coffee in bed. Now the day is certainly starting the right way!

Enjoy the nature with a coffee. Woke up this morning and unzipped my sleeping bag and my tent, washed my face in the cold mountain spring, boiled some water and savored my coffee with a view. Life is really worth living for this!

Zen coffee maybe? A nice warm shower when I wake up, a little exercise, a little meditation, just to get me going for the day. With my senses relaxed I can sit in the green garden and enjoy a perfectly balanced coffee. That is the way to begin a new day!

Too-much-in-a-hurry-to-put-my-shirt-on coffee. Yeah, I'm the type who lives alone, wakes up in the morning goes straight to the kitchen and makes some hard black coffee. And it's the only thing that wakes me up and makes me even start a day!

Actually, I don't even like coffee, I'm more into tea but I thought it would be nice to show you a different way to see your mornings :)

Photo credits: Robert Fullerton, Mircala, Og-vision, Redbaron.

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July 22, 2016


oh, I can't wake up without I play to leave the bed.

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