My morning looks like this. I get up at some hour, sometimes is seven a.m. but usually it is nine, I ma a sleepyhead but it is all because I work to late night hours. At first take a hot shower and look at my self.

Sometimes I look so afoul that I have to do something that betters my comfort and usually it ends with grey cosmetic mask on my face that will fresh my skin. For breakfast always coffee and I have to admit that cigarette. I know it is not very healthy. This combination might kill me some day, so in a future I consider to quick smoking but not quick one hot morning coffee with one sugar and milk.

© Reno12
© Moniv
Sometimes that I am worry about my health of weight I like to drink some fresh juice made of carrots, apples and oranges, ore mixed yogurt with milk shaking it gave it this incredible delicious bubbles.

Photo credits: Moniv, Reno12, Timothy Large, Vgajic.

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March 07, 2008


Now, it is night for me.:)

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