Most adorable woolly guys

In 2012 I made my second visit to Peru, this time to the Peruvian amazon which is simply amazing! The seasonal flooding of the amazon that year had been by far much stronger than the average and even the huts of the indians which are built high up on stilts were partially under water.

The whole photographic work was made from canoes of different shape and size and the advantage was that some species were easier to see and photograph the normally like the following series of images of Woolly Monkeys which are among the most adorable of South-american primates, specially the babies!

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February 06, 2016


Very cute! How amazing you have had that experience! Someday maybe I'll get that far south.

February 06, 2016


Amazing images!

February 04, 2016


thank you very much!

February 04, 2016


Great captures!

February 04, 2016


Nice photos!

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Photo credits: Joan Egert.