The Most Downloaded Image On DT

Here it is. The most downloaded image on DT.

11669 views, 688 downloads for the moment.

I was looking at that picture quite a while today and tried to figure out, what makes it so special? Is it shallow DOF? Color tone? business concept? Effortless smile on the model's face? Or just a fact that the photo has been on the site almost from the beginning? What do you think?

Bellemedia is certainly a talented photographer. Many of his photos are on my favorites list. Here are some great examples from his portfolio. A gifted artist indeed.

Photo credits: Bellemedia, Dana Rothstein.

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August 16, 2007


Yes, she doesn't look like fake, isn't it? Sometimes models are trying too hard and you can see from their eyes that they are bored and can't wait for that photoshooting's ending. But she likes to be there. And we like the photo.
Thank you for your comments!

August 11, 2007


i think the photo is most downloaded because of both quality and time : the position and focus are great , the subject is commercial and Popular , and the photo still sailing for long time

August 10, 2007


It's interesting that you decided to write about this image. I have just included it in an upcoming blog as an example of a terrific business image. The reason it is the most downloaded, from my perspective, is that the emotions are positive and authentic, a woman is featured prominently...a quality most successful business images of today seem to have and because of the selective focus, our eye tells us that we are really relating to the woman. The focus is the same as we have when we look at one person in a group of people. In two words the image is :natural and postive.

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