The Most Insane Film Sets of All Time

Film sets are a health and safety inspector’s nightmare. They are often built as quickly as possible, with potentially dangerous stunts going on and lots of things constantly happening in the area, leading to unpredictable situations. However, the examples we have chosen took this specialized insanity to the next level, though to be fair to some of them the problems were not always of their own making. From flash floods destroying sets to locals attacking the crew with bows and arrows, we have created a list of the most insane and problematic film productions ever.

Tower Bridge in London, UK

Colosseum Rome

Tataouine scenery on a background of sand dunes.

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Martha's Vineyard

Panoramic view of Gran Via, Madrid, Spain.

Moraine lake, Banff National Park, Canada

Popeye Village - Malta

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Easter Island Statues

West Maui mountains

Moraine Lake in Banff National Park, Alberta, Canada

Charleston, South Carolina.

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Makati City, Manila, Philippines.



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There´re a few films I haven´t seen yet, thanks for the article, I didn´t imagine how much can be at risk while making some films that we just enjoy by paying a ticket.


You most likely wouldn't be one of the several individuals who volunteered to partake in the peculiar silver screen venture of Ilya Khrzhanovsky, a man who has been portrayed as everything from an innovative virtuoso to a faction pioneer.



very interesting and entertaining article. I've learned some... Thanks for sharing it :)


awesome places