Most popular ?

I wonder about the measure of being a popular image in DT ..This one in my portfolio was in the second rank of "Most Popular Images" ! ( 12288541 )

Can someone explain me about the popularity rating of DT

Thank you very much for reading

Photo credits: Serdar Tibet.

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February 25, 2011


Nice to Know

January 02, 2010


well I still see the same image with 1 view and 0 download at the second rank of most populars .. :)

Thank you ver y much , than I am going to use message boards for such questions and blogs for special day messages

Thank you very much or your help


January 01, 2010


Hello Serdar the most popular are the most downloaded photos! So there you find your images in a descending order from the most downloaded till the last photo! In case you don't have much downloads the order goes to the number of views! At least that's how it was some time ago! As you had a sale stating from the next 24 hours you will see your image in the second ranking maybe!

One more thing... I would like to call your attention that those kind of questions are mostly made on the Message Boards! Search there for anything written about the same subject... If you don't find your answer you can write a new message board from the Latest in the Front Page & choose where to create your Message - in case of your question should be in Day Dreaming.

Hope that helped... Happy New Year ;)

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