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I like to see that my most viewed and also my most downloaded pictures are ones that I am fond of. Its cool to see that people have similar tastes in what is considered a special image. Whats your most viewed image and do you like it also?

Cheers! Ratio almost up to 75% again!

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November 24, 2015


some nice pics guys! thanks for the support!

November 18, 2015


   Nativity Scene in Shepherds Field Church, Bethle   
This is my most viewed, tied for my most downloaded and one of my favorites.

November 18, 2015


 Sunbeams through dark clouds over ocean  This one is mine. I took it on holiday from the 42nd floor of our holiday apartment - was one of the best holidays ever - will never forget that wonderful view on the ocean.

November 18, 2015



my most popular pictures are from my trip to Turkmenistan, I was quite surprised about this country being so popular!

November 18, 2015


You got many nice images Simon!
Congrats and just go for it :-)

November 18, 2015


My most viewed image but it doesn't have any sales.

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Photo credits: Simon Campbell.