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There is quite big gap among the most viewed images and the most successful ones. My most viewed photo has almost 5000 views and only 1 download. The 4th most viewed with 2700 views has no download.

On the other hand the most successful photo has 7 downloads at 438 views. And similar it

It seems that when you have photo with lots of views and lack of downloads, it will never become one of the most popular. More important is, how quickly can be soled.

Photo credits: Petr Zamecnik.

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December 21, 2013


I especially like the fat pig photo :-).
My experience is quite similar: Photos with the most views are often not my best sellers. Surprisingly I had a sale with zero views. I guess this sale was caused by partnership agencies of DT.

December 20, 2013


Nice black pig

December 20, 2013


I think # lightboxes might be a better indicator but even that doesn't guarantee anything. I have some that have had the same lightbox count for a year.
It's a crap-shoot.
It's all about the photo, what people are looking for and some luck them finding your photo.
Half the views could be other contributors checking out your port lol.
Merry Christmas.

December 19, 2013


I guess the same happens to everybody here.... There are images with thousands of views but no sales, it would be great to earn at least 1 cent per view....

December 18, 2013


one other reason why some pics have many views but no sales may be wrong keywording - some of my good sellers only have a few hundred views but many sales - many irrelevant words only frustrate potential buyers

December 17, 2013


I have to agree with Brad Calkins who is spot - on in his analysis of
the correlation between views and sales. I have over 6,000 images
online at DT, many with multiple views yet some of those with the
highest numbers have never sold so it really is kind of a "crap shoot"
I suppose. Bottom line, however, is that a good photo will sell well
whether it has 50 views or 1,000.

December 17, 2013


I'm glad, some my pictures have o views.

December 17, 2013


Yes, if the image have interesting details and, as Brad said, needs to be clicked to see details, will get a lots of view. A portrait will not get so many views as a sexy woman full length.

December 17, 2013


There is a lot of chance that plays into the view count, so I suspect it is more of a red herring. I have an image that only had one sale in the first three months, but then went on to become a level 5. But maybe it proves your point - it still only has 500 views. Time and luck play a large part of the view count - plus you get more views if the images needs to be clicked to see details. Almost all my level 5's have 4000 to 10000 views, and keep selling. I don't see much of a correlation between views and sales. If I go back a year, most uploaded images have a similar number of views, whether they have 0 sales or 15.

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