Mostar - Beautiful and Interesting

I have recently visited my home town of Mostar after many years. The city has gone through some tough times in the 1990s with war in Bosnia and Herzegovina, but it it slowly but surely getting back on its feet. Here are some recent photos of it.

The symbol of Mostar is the Old Bridge, originally built in 16th century during the times of Ottoman Empire. The bridge was destroyed in war in 1993 and is reconstructed in 2004. The bridge as well as the whoe Old Town in Mostar is on the UNESCO's list of World Heritage Sites.

The Bridge is for pedestrians only, with steps designed originally for horses to prevent them from slipping on the polished stone surface.

Many tourists come to see it every year, including myself this time :)

The Old Town features towers and stone built houses.

Being a part of Ottoman Empire for 5 centuries, Mostar has a lot of examples of Turkish architecture, arts, and culture in general.

Being in the Balkans, means being in the mixture of cultures as well. Here is the Catholic cross, built on top of the hill above Mostar:

Photo credits: Ivan Paunovic, Denis Radovanovic.

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Beautiful city and nice climate. I can imagine thousands of tourists during summer season


Thanks Joe!


Very nice images, Denis.


Thank you Roberto! I'm glad you like it!


I remember very well this Old Bridge... Very nice photos, Denis!


Thank you guys!


Nice photos! Great place!


Very nice pics, love the color of the water.

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