Mother, how are you today ?

I'm surely sure that every mom paints a lot of memory in our mind. And so do in mine. I have lots of beautiful memories about her.

My mother is a very smart, fashionable and modern working mom.

She is a very kind and generous mom.

She never get angry to us. She never raised up her voice in order to make us obeyed her. She always use wise words to make us understand and follow her order.

My mother and father raising the four of us with a lot love and care.

Even if her face looks so tired after do works in her office, she still give us every single things that every mom usually do with full of smile..

For us, she is a very multitasking woman...

Multitasking Woman

She cooked for us..

Mother serving dinner

She baked the cookies when special celebrations comes..

Woman and cupcakes

She made an embroidery works which filled with love..

Woman embroidering

She learn to knitted just to make us happy and feel joy..

Woman knitting

She still do the laundry after works..

Woman and washing machine

and also doing the dishes..

Washing the dishes

Well, now she is not here with us anymore.

I believe that now she is dancing happily in the heaven with the angels.

But even if she was not here anymore, her entire life paints lots of precious memories in our (the four daughters) heart and mind.

Mother, How are you today...

Thanks for being such a very great mother for us..

We love you, mom..

We're so blessed..

Happy mother's day to all mothers in the world..

Please always spread your love and smile, so that the next generations will also grow as a happy people..

Woman in the cafe



Please enjoy, delicious cupcakes and a cup of warm tea for everyone! ^_^

Woman serving tea and cupcakes

Photo credits: Mariayunira.

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May 23, 2016


Well hellow Jamed22543 if I may give you a suggest..
If you think your mom is not a good person, then don't be like her.
Keep sending a good prayer to your mom, no matter what she have done in her life (and to your life).
That way makes you a better person than her. And that will make your heart be more peaceful. Thanks a lot for dropping by and best wishes for you. ^_^

May 15, 2016


hmm wish my mom was like what you portray but she was not she was very into herself everything revolve around her and how she was portraded in our nice little community well behind closed doors it was different she didn't cook clean or help she was abuseive so it nice someone think nicely of their mom but me no I'm glad she dead do I miss her nope feel sorry for my dad n what he put up with but you portrait of a mom are nice wish I had had one like her but I didn't

May 09, 2016


Thank you Fatema7864 You also have a lot of beautiful images on your portfolio, best luck on more sales! ^^

May 09, 2016


Thank you Adammeadows12 ^^ Thanks for dropping by, best wishes for you

May 09, 2016


Lovely illustrations!!

May 08, 2016


beautiful illustrations happy mother's day!

May 08, 2016


Yes, indeed I am a mom with 2 precious kiddos.. ^_^ Thanks a lot Seawatch1 Best wishes for you

May 08, 2016


Beautiful sentiments and wonderful illustrations.

If you're a Mom, Happy Mother's Day.

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