After Mother's day or maybe... before?

In the first days of May I've just reminded that this month it's time to celebrate the Mother's Day. In Poland it's 26th day of May, so I thought that there's a lot of time to prepare well for that occasion.

How big was my surprise when I realized that I'm late!

Before submiting my images designed specially for that festivity I've looked for a while to wikipedia. I did'nt thought ever before that this nice and worm holiday varies so much within various countries.

Mother's Day celebration starts in February. Greeks celebrates that day on the 2nd of February and in Norway it's the second sunday of that month. In many countries it's similar to International Women's Day (8th day of March), but most of people celebrates that day on the second sunday of May.

Last, but not least, in Indonesia the Mother's Day is celebrated on the 22nd day of December.

Finishing that short article I'd like to wish all the Mothers many kisses, warmth and love from yours children!

Have a very Happy Mother's Day!



And you, are you before or after your's Mother's Day?

Photo credits: Connie Larsen, Michal Heciak, John Henkel, Newlight, Nytumbleweeds.

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May 20, 2008


Hi Kellie.
Your portfolio is great and using your image to illustrate my article was a pleasure for me. It's so simple, but also full of childish affection and warmth. Thanks for sharing your image.

May 19, 2008


Thanks for the compliment of using my image! Cute article... and I am after my mother's day ;) Have a great day! Kellie (nytumbleweeds)

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