© Espion
© Espion
This is a stray mother cat with her kittens in the grass.

A juvenile tom cat was nearby, and she was extra vigilant. Here she was caught moving towards the tom cat, which later resulted in a snarling cat fight, and the tom cat chased away eventually.

The kittens in the meantime were mauling my camera bag which was left on the ground.

But the real intent in this blog is to say that I really liked the 3D effect of the mother cat, and the side illumination from the early morning sun.

It was captured at f2.8, and the focus is just on the foreground, namely the forward part of the cat's head, going soft for the rest, and very sharp also for the grasses in the foreground.

If you download the picture and see it at full size, you can even see and count each dewdrop on the grass' blades. And this 3D effect is more apparent if the picture is converted to black and white.

And yes, here is one of the kittens.

Photo credits: Lawrence Wee.

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