Motion blur on subject

I made some photos at a drifting race. First one was approved today. I want to share my technique. First of all, you will need a shutter speed of about 1/8 - 1/20 sec. This is beyond my anti-shake abilities with a 450 mm lens so I use a tripod. Also, I pre-focused on the road - see photo below. But this is not all. Because it was a sunny day and my camera can do only 1/4000, I used a neutral density filter ND8 which gave me minus 3 full stops so with a f11 or f9.5 I was able to lower my shutter speed at 1/10. The result was a very sharp background and a motion blurred car (two cars in this photo). Hope more photos will be approved, I have one at 1/6 and the car is so distorted - a ghost on the street! Wish you luck! Oh, btw, in this case I saw the limitation of my low speed cards - see the previous blog. Dorian King out.

Two drift cars motion blur

Photo credits: Alvera.
  • Alvera

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September 04, 2012

Thanks. One more approved.
   Image not available or id is incorrect.   


September 03, 2012

Great technique.... congrats.


September 01, 2012



September 01, 2012

Excellent technical execution and explanation of this beautiful image, congratulations indeed!


August 31, 2012

They look nice, good luck.