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Hello everyone! This is my first post in this blog. I have to say that I have no literary talent and beautiful form words I do not know :) I am writing in Russian and translate with Google translator :)

And so that's what I decided to write.

First, about how I motivate myself to photograph for microstock.

Second, about how I photograph and processed.

Third, about themselves and about by a few :)

Today's post I want to dedicate motivation and goal setting.

I do not consider myself a super cool photographer, on the contrary - I take very mediocre. But that does not prevent me to enjoy it :)

And so, almost all microstock I registered in 2010, and the size of the portfolio does not exceed 50 images. The point of my laziness and careless approach to microstock. Do not think I'm lazy. I am a professional programmer, and most of my time I spend for writing software code.

But, literally, a couple of weeks ago, I attended one webinar after which I changed the point of view with respect to the microstock.

Now in order.


The most important thing in any job - is the goal. The goal - that's what you (and I) are aiming for. It is important to set a goal. In early October, I said that I would one day take, process and upload at least 10 photos, but the next day I realized that crossed the line. We can say that it is not in itself a burden taken. To date, I have already adjusted their goals and one of them is to increase the number of photos in the portfolio to 100 by the New Year.


And the motivation is very simple - I need to pay the mortgage :)

By the way, I do not want to broadcast in radio mode. And I would like to talk to you in the comments :)

To suggest a topic discussion.

One of the most popular themes is the picture of food. You look at the pictures and in the stomach starts to rumble. In our town there are a couple of decent restaurants where delicious and beautifully cooked style meals. But they are already collaborating with other photographers. I would like to take some pictures for a portfolio, but other than as offering a free shot of dishes for the menu I have no other thoughts. And with those photographers do not want to spoil the relationship. Maybe you have encountered a similar situation? What would you do? Write the answers in the comments, I'll be happy to read your ideas and get advice.

Photo credits: Kozhukhar.

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November 09, 2013


Motivation is what moves you. Habit is what keeps you going! Each goal achieved is a moment of happiness! Congratulations for this blog! Good luck my friend!! And get back to work! Hard work! Go! Let's make money! Best regard, Lenuta!

November 09, 2013


It's important have one or more goals in this job! Good work and good luck ;)

November 08, 2013


you are really talented - congratulations and yes, you need your goals - my goal was 20 pictures per month, just lately changed it to 30 - mainly because I want to keep up with my competition - I also did some food photos but I want to show people what I see during the day - my portfolio is for me also some sort of diary, and I like doing that

November 08, 2013


Congratulations for your strong determination! It will for sure be very helpful to you in this and other businesses.
About the other photographers I agree that it is good to keep good relationship with everybody and to try to make our job without stepping on other peoples toes.
I wish you all the best!

November 08, 2013


hello and welcome, great to have goals and be motivated! I left a job to take another that would let me do stock keywording at work! my goal was 1000 before dec 31... I hope to reach that goal this week.
as for food photography... start cooking! its a great hobby, you have to eat, and take photos before you do. its amazing what is in your own kitchen. most of the food photos on my site (there are not a lot.. i do mostly people) but my partner and I make ourselves. good luck! hope to see more of your photos on here

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