Motivation... that word sounds like too much effort....

Motivation is the key to basically everything in life. How much you want something and what you are willing to do for it really is the only factors you have that can change your situation.

Only the lucky fall into success. For the rest of us any real outcomes come from hard work, trail and error, and lets face it set-backs and disappointment.

A quick look at my portfolio here on DT (trust me its quick) can see that i dont have much in the way of online images. A large number of other less than sucessful images have arrived on DT's doorstep from me which in one way or another didnt quite make the cut.

*** Please note this is in no way shape or form a complaint about DT's selection criteria ***

My question to all is what is it that you use for motivation? What drives you to improve your camera talent, or to take an extra series of photos?

Looking back over my archives, it seems either getting a new item-addon, increased sales for a period are a few things that triggered an increase of shutter fires.

So please share your inspiration, your reason for taking that extra step in the world of stock photography =)

Photo credits: Andrew Davis.

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February 04, 2008


I started (a whole 3 weeks ago) with an idea to validate that I take decent photos. The fact someone may pay for what I have been doing for years was exciting. Right now, I would just be happy to make a few $$. Its fun and it give me something to do after the kids go to bed :).

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