Mountain Edith Cavell (2)

Hiking alone in mountains is a very special experience. Few years ago I visited the jasper national park in Alberta, Canada, and had a wonderful hiking memory in the mountain Edith Cavell.

The most common hiking trail in that area is the lakeshore trail, which is only about 1.5km long. Sure the glacier lake is already a good vantage point for normal visitors, however more experienced hikers always challenge their skills (or seek better scenes) in more difficult trails.

The cavell meadow trail is a moderate choice. It is about 5-6 km long and gradually leading to another hill beside of the mountain edith cavell. The trailside meadow shows typical beautiful rocky landscape, green meadow, flowers and wildlife. Eventually the trail climbs over the tree line where no more plants can survive, the previous well maintained trail now becomes blur, you can still recognize that by previous visitor's tracks. The snaky trail somehow tells you the real meaning of hiking, winding, hard work, but it will lead to your destination, if you don't give up...

I hope I can hike this trail in this year once again. If you want to see more photos, please take a look at the collection Mountain Edith Cavell

Photo credits: Fallsview.

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