Movie :

Just seen " The Bounty Hunter " . If you seen the commercials on the movie you have

Seen the movie.

We spent probably $23 bucks. We love going to the movies, and as much as we love

Jennifer Anniston, (might of misplelled her name ) The best of the movies was in

The previews.

It was about a divorced couple that Jennifer hit a cop car and that became

a felon. The whole idea was great but it just didn't have what it takes

to become a great movie.

Let us know what you think.

The movie was slow .


Photo credits: Dan Breckwoldt.


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April 08, 2010


Thanks for the information! It´s good to know, because I love movies & going to the cinema, but of course I don´t like boring movies ;)

April 07, 2010


Mariaam, It was really boring for first 30 minute, me and my boyfriend were about to walk out, then when we stayed it was like we had already seen it. The good parts were the previews. Sorry, we wouldn't recommend it to my family. Nicole

April 07, 2010


Hi, I haven´t warch this movie yet! And now I´m not sure if I should watch it. Is it really that boring? ;)

April 07, 2010


Thank you for the tip ;)

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