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My husband and I just bought our first home! The stress from trying to get everything done in 30 days was HUGE! The person we were buying from kept trying to get money before closing, trying to get out of fixing things that were in the contract, etc etc. The bank also neglected to inform us of things they needed until days or even HOURS before they had to have it or we lost the loan!

But, we finally closed and the stress started to decline a little, except for having to deal with breaking our current apartment lease. We were originally planning on moving in about mid-April, but do to complications with the landlords at our current place and just wanting to get out of here already, we're moving in three weeks!! Yikes!! On top of that, we have to pay some penalty fee that we will get back if someone moves in before the end of the month, but they didn't tell us when we would get it back or even how much we owe! We ended up on a payment plan for a set dollar amount, but we still don't know the net total!

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On top of that, I have a 65-gallon fish tank to move and two lizard cages. With what I have to do to move them, it's going to take this weekend and next weekend.

I have have such a bad case of anxiety and heartburn right now...

Photo credits: Raymac, Tomasz Tulik.

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February 28, 2008


Congrats! My only words of advice (and I hope they help)--the stress of moving is real, but temporary. Soon, you will have left all that anxiety behind, and you, your husband, your fish and your lizards will be enjoying your new home!

February 28, 2008


I also want to look at your new house.

February 27, 2008


Waiting for your new house pictures. :)

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