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An industry that involves big trucks, banks and emotional trauma needs images to illustrate its goods and services. Americans change locations on average every five years. Standard business leases are often for five years or less. I am about to cart everything I own, two cats and 2,000 books from one side of the US to the other. Moving is on my mind.
Couple in front of one-family house
Images that symbolize starting a new life in a new home are used to illustrate concepts like "future", "security" and "caring." A business move can mean growth, progress and opportunity. The next time someone asks you to help him or her move, bring your camera. Those photos could be good ones.
Young attractive couple
The first step in hiring a mover requires a meeting where the salesman convinces the movee that his services will make the experience as smooth as a walk across the room. Above I've shown an image that could be used to illustrate a couple happy with the materials that have been left behind by a salesperson. I could only find a few images on Dreamstime of a salesperson in a living room with a couple. This image has implication for use for a multitude of services and companies not just moving services.
Moving truck
Do It Yourself Furniture Delivery Business
Trucks of all sizes without logos or company names, provide a canvas for messages or branding. Four wheelers speeding down the highway work as visuals for any kind of trucking industry. Or one can move the stuff by yourself as the enterprising fellow above has done. (Humorous images are often used to illustrate the opposite of what a company can provide.)
A Family Moving Into New House
Couple Unpacking Boxes
On the scene shots of the actual move are used by more than moving firms. Banks want to show families moving into new homes or apartments as part of their financial services for mortgages and personal borrowing. Manufacturers of packing materials, boxes and tape sometimes use stock photos as the "hero" images for their webpages.
Middle-aged couple with moving boxes.
Families who are happily settled into their new home or apartment are used extensively in the real estate world. I see similar images in brochures for moving companies and all the businesses related to the big move.
Happy family with a dog
New members of a community are deluged with brochures from furniture stores, decorating consultants and lawn services. Hardware stores and banks all want to welcome the new residents' purchases to the neighborhood. The copy almost always says, "Welcome Home."
Front entryway
Traditionally these pieces carry images of totally put together homes designed to arrive in the new mailbox just about the time that the chaos of unpacking has reached its peak. Looking up from a brochure featuring a stylish room to see one's own furniture upended and the partially unpacked belongings scattered throughout could be just enough to cause anyone to run to the phone to hire a decorator.
Home interior
Home interior
Empty office space. Add some boxes or a solitary chair. Or a person with blueprints for a build-out. The feeling is of a company moving in or out. Locations are a bit problematic. But perhaps you can contact a commercial leasing company and ask if you can take photos for them in exchange for an hour or so in an empty space. Better yet contact a friend that is moving their business or is in the business of commercial space leasing
Images of a business move with lots of computers etc
Need salesperson in home speaking to a couple
Use people of all ages. Seniors downsize. Young families move into bigger spaces.
Take pictures of rooms in disarray as packing or unpacking takes place. Bring your camera when someone wants you to help him or her move. Document your own move.
Loading and unloading of the moving truck. Get model releases from those mover guys.
Moving isn't at all fun. Show the mess, the exhaustion and the disruption.

Photo credits: Dreamstime Agency, Galina Barskaya, Billyfoto, Brian Mcentire, Elena Elisseeva, Forca, Gvictoria, Iofoto, Hamed Elgendy, Mirela Schenk, Nouubon, Piksel, Rmarmion, Theodor38, Travelling-light, Yuri_arcurs.

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April 27, 2007


I'm moving to a new working place on this 1th may, guess i will be holding my camera and left the heavy things for my colleague ha ha... thanks for the new idea.

April 27, 2007


my cousin just made the opposite move you will be making. she moved from california to tennessee. things were so crazy and i didn't even have my camera. what a shame, i could have filled up the library with images. great ideas though. i had not thought about it but my house "looks" like i am moving all the time so i may take advantage of that!!

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