Moving to exclusive

Hi to everybody!

I am planning to become an exclusive contributor at DT, I just have to wait till september for another agency were I was to cancel my account (patience!) and I would like to ask those of you who have made this experience: did you really see an improvement in your sales?

A wonderful summer for all of you!

Photo credits: Joan Egert.

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July 08, 2010


thanks to all of you for your very useful and interesting feedback, now I am even more convinced to go for exclusiveness on DT!

July 08, 2010


I enjoy working exclusively with DT! For me it´s perfect. I have a lot of time to concentrate on my portfolio/images and I also appreciate the other advantages of this status: the upload bonus, the improved search placement, ans so on...

Yes, I think there is a big improvement in sales!

I wish you also a wonderful summer! :)

July 07, 2010


For me it was a turning point. The money I lost from cancelling other accounts was instantly recovered thanks to the bonus and the improved placement also helps.

I think it's a good move for small portfolios and photographers who don't have a huge volume of uploads or a good infrastructure such as a streamlined uploading system.

For professional photographers with a large volume and a good system, I'd say it's best to diversify and go with more than one agency.

July 07, 2010


Hi Physi.... I'm exclusive here in DT, and I saw a big improvement in my sales, I usually use the DT search engine to look for the place of my images and they almost always appear in a very good place. I can say that after being exclusive my sales are 3 times better. Also one more reason for my on being exclusive is that I don't have the time to submit images in other websites, so I take the best advantage I can in DT.

July 07, 2010


Yes that's what I did! I tried to list the main advantages of being exclusive as I was my self! I have nothing against going exclusive but as I said I want to give it a try & for some professional matters!

July 07, 2010


Mani: you mean after two years being exclusive you are going to give it a try without exclusiveness? Thanks for your comments, I would like specially to hear the experience of someone who changed from not exclusive to full exclusive..
thanks to all of you!

July 07, 2010


No wonder that your revenue per sale will be higher & your portfolio exposure will be in a higher level on the search engine!
Your bonus/upload worth some sales in other agencies...
You will be saving time about uploading keywording & checking your sales...
I was exclusive for two years almost but as I haven't had the experience of not being exclusive, I wanted to give it a chance... OK there are some professional reasons I confess!
Good luck with what you decide! Cheers :)

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