Music gets you moving!!

I woke up this morning with not a lot on my plate for the day. I wasn't really motivated and it has been so hot and humid that I dread going outside, which for me is out of the ordinary. When I have extra time I can usually putter the day away outside.

Now I can work from my home computer, go to my office, try some inside shots, clean, do laundry, organize the spare room or many other items on the to do list but I am just not feeling it.

So I start surfing the message boards and blogs when I notice my Ipod behind a pile of papers on my desk. What the heck plug it in and charge it - that needed to be done anyway. Then I see a song that I like and think might as well put in the ears and listen.

About five songs later I am dancing in my seat, few more songs I am typing, dancing and singing. Heck, I have been listening for about 25 minutes now and I am writing my first ever blog.

Rest of the day I am keeping this ipod on - loud - and dancing, singing my way through clearing/cleaning this desk, catching up on emails, filing old photos on sep. hard drive and all the other chores that have been put off.

My lesson learned from today to share is music is a motivator and sometimes you forget how powerful it is...Turn up that favorite song- dance, sing and surprise your energy, attitude and mood are all lifted and motivated!!!

Photo credits: , Erik Reis, Eric Simard, Steven Bourelle.

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May 25, 2010


Thank you Joe! Welcome to Dreamstime. I hope you do well. Just did a quick visit to your blog and loved the commentary for your images-nicely done.

May 25, 2010


THere is nothing like music to motivate (and soothe you)
I pity those who have no ear for music. They don't know what they are missing.
By the way like your picture Man Arc Welding

March 09, 2009


I love to listen music all the day as well :-) Even during making photos (still-life in home studio) and especially when I work on raw and then jpg... music is magical for making good mood! :-)

March 09, 2009


Very true!! I love listening to music while doing chores!

August 07, 2008


i agree, music is amazing!! it can create a mood, which is good if you need a lift! I have been caught singing in the shower, car, almost everywhere!! I love it!!

August 07, 2008


I'm agree with you. I've always with me my ipod. Thanks for the image of mine you've chosen! Bye, Rob.

August 06, 2008


I totally agree. Music is a great motivator especially when I am not in the mood to do any thing but when I put on the music I am ready to do any thing :)

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