Music in photo

Hi, want to say about my feelings, which appears when I see different photos.

On my mind each photo, each picture has it`s own music code in photo.))

When you are looking on the photo, in your mind appears some sounds, later you are hearing some yours favorite songs.........

Very interesting thing, try to imagine when you are looking through yours or others portfolio.))

King regards!

Photo credits: Valerii.

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November 05, 2009


I have always said photographers see things different from most people. That is what makes US so Great! LOL and I love to capture the essence of someone’s feelings. I hope that others can see or hear this also. Great post and portfolio.
Hugs Debbie

November 05, 2009


sure,yours is a good way of see and hear a picture,while I'm more into figuring out some words to describe it,I don't mean just a description of the picture,more like a mood,a feeling that comes out by the view

November 05, 2009


Very imaginative! But don't sing "Kidding" :))
Cheers ;)

November 05, 2009


I can feel the music from your photos, Valery! Congrats for your beautiful portofolio!


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