Music piracy

Today's world is ultimately dominated by internet almost everywhere. Wherever there is modernisation, there is entertainment and music, then there is the internet.

The internet is so essential in our daily chores and routine that we may be crippled without it.

When I had pictures and couldn't upload to DT, it was so frustrating.

Internet is a friend to many, yet a foe to others.

The music industry has been suffering alot because of rampant online downloading. This has forced some major market players to go bust or simply pull out of this competition.

I am amused by how songs by The Beatles can be continually reorganised with different hits each time and put on sale. Likewise for many other oldies. Or at least this is happening in my country.

Here I have a fake mandarin orange listening to music, with the wires tied and trapping it, its never free from the temptation of music piracy.

For those who support the original or has a message to spread to the rest, I hope this picture will be suitable for your usage!

Photo credits: Koh Sze Kiat.

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