MUST-SEE in every trip

To tell you the truth, I am quite a lucky guy, because my wife is as fond of photography and traveling as I am. So all our savings are going for new photo equipment and new travel destinations. We are both in stock photography and for the both of us it's, unfortunately, just a free-time occupation.

My darling is great in planning the routes of our travel and doing the most of the arrangements (as most of women, I suppose. They are much better in this than we are, ah, guys? :) ) And I am the driver in any of the trip.

Meanwhile, we are exploring Europe and we like it very much.

In any trip there are always 2 must-see points: the stadiums and the cars museums.

Before I met my wife, football was nothing for me, but 22 millionaires, chasing the ball....:)

Celebrating the goal!

Now, after visiting some of the most impressive European football arenas, like Allianz arena, Camp Nou, Mestalla, Stade de France and also stadiums of FC Juventus, Bologna, Genova, Brugge etc... I even join my darling from times to times to watch a match on TV

Juventus Stadium

Camp Nou Stadium

Mestalla Stadium

Lightning Above Allianz Arena

Stade de France

The second highlight of our trips are car museums. Even if you are not a big car fan, how can you miss, staying in Italy, Ferrari or Lamborghini museum

Ferrari Modern Car

The World of Lamborghini

Or staying in Munich - the BMW one?!

Dazzling Colors of BMW

We always have dozens of plans ahead (God will help us!:)), but the nearest 2016 plans include Santiago Bernabeu stadium - the official arena of FC Madrid (although we have been Barca fans for years...haha!)

Santiago Bernabeu

and Mercedes museum

Mercedes Benz Logo

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February 27, 2016

always ready for travelling! nice photo ff car


February 20, 2016

Jdanne, thanks a lot! Appreciate your tip. We'll do. Thanks again


February 20, 2016

You are a lucky man! My wife always feels bored when I need a little bit of time to make photos ...

You shouldn't skip the Porsche Museum in Stuttgart (South-Germany), it's really impressive:

 Porsche Typ 22 Auto Union 


February 20, 2016

As long as our cameras are not far we'll get something!


February 19, 2016

Awesome!!! great Blog!