Today I had my 13th picture uploaded: It is "romantic dinner"..

It has been shooted during my last travel to Lake Maggiore. One of the most beautiful lake in the Northern of Italy. When I made the picture I was in Arona and in front of me there was Angera Castle.

I decided to write my first article because this upload is the 13th..As far as I know somebody consider number 13 as unlucky number, but in Italy this is a lucky number, so I want to celebrate it.

I hope this latest upload can help me to increase selling. I'm not a professional photografer so, everytime I see Dreamstime accepting my files it's a surprise for me!

I hope you enjoy my newest and my older picture and I hope you enjoy them as I had fun shooting them during my travels.

Thanks for your attention.

Photo credits: Deborah Cogliati.

Your article must be written in English

September 11, 2009


people on sunset is really beautiful picture :)

September 11, 2009


Thanks to all who wrote me a comment. I will try my best! :-)

September 10, 2009


Keep the images coming and sales will follow :0)

September 10, 2009


Nice work Deborah ! Keep up the good work!

Bella !!!!

September 10, 2009


Keep uploading more!

September 10, 2009


Very nice landscape photos.

September 10, 2009


Chao, Deborah! Nice photos!

September 10, 2009


Hi Deborah! I like your portfolio: beautiful images so far. Keep uploading and good luck! Ciao, Rob.

September 09, 2009


You have beautiful images in your portfolio. Keep uploading :0)

September 09, 2009


In bocca al lupo Deborah, spero tu possa cominciare molto presto a vendere. Le foto sono belle. Ciao.

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