My 15/100 in 4 months!

© Murle
Hi! I am a DT contributor since November 08, and today I reached my first 100 on-line…I’m proud of it, but with 15 sales. Is this a normal on-line/sales ratio? What’s your experience about that?

Photo credits: Marc Torrell Faro.

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I think for every 100 you have on dreamstime you will have around 5 downloads. I wrote more about this on this blog studioceja's dreamstime blog.


I'm in a similar situation. I'm in DT since october 14th and i have only 62 images on line and 12 downloads. Your download ratio is 0.15 and mine 0.19 (so similar). So, I think (or I hope) it's normal.

Saludos desde Mallorca!


I have also been here about the same length of time and not many more sales so for me it is much the same. That said, you have some good images and good ideas so I am sure your PF will see more sales once you have more exposure.

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