My 1st $100 from DT

This Tuesday I found my account get the 1st earn of $100, which made me quite excited & happy.

Actually, I joined DT since earlier of last year, before then I favored of taking photograph for quite a long time, in despite of only cherished them for memory. Once a time, I occasionally knew there’s a famous platform on internet for photograph fanciers to post their pictures & share their experience with others, or even get paid if their picture can be recognized.

Then I began to decorate my favorite pictures and upload them to DT full of confidence, with the expectation of being recognized by others. However, making me so much disappointed was most of the pictures, which I fancied quite much were refused once & again…this condition kept for about 2 months, still no any improvement. The 1st time I felt so much frustrated & even disappointed found that during this period there’s seldom download of my approved pictures, which made me lost interest and left it aside.

Until my recent back to DT at the end of last year, that’s 7 months after my previous logging on DT, I astonished found that my earning had been reached to $49! I was so happy to find that for almost each month there’s download of my pictures more or less, some of the pictures had even been download twice or more times.

From that moment, I feel my confidence came back again and continued to work hard on my pictures and upload for approval. Although still got refused frequently, however, this time I kept doing, taking their advise seriously and try to avoid the same problems when next shot; and at the same time persist with my faith that examinants will be convinced by my good quality pictures.

“You reap what you sow, as you sow so shall you reap.” Slowly I found more and more my pictures getting approved and more frequently my pictures getting download, even some friends left comments or messages to me, sharing their feeling with me. As a result, my earning is increasing slowly. Actually, the most gratified for me is my photos getting recognized by others and even some of them like to pay that for me, regardless the value, it’s already good enough!

Now, I’ll take chance to appreciate those, who like my photos and even bought them, and I’ll continue to share with you my good photos as many as I can.

Hereby share with you the most welcomed & download of my pictures up to now, cheers!

Photo credits: Toneimage.

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oui, bien sûr, vous allez l'obtenir si vous insistez. :-)


Congrats! Je ne suis pas la encore, mais ca va venir. (o:


its very good!


merci beaucoup. looking forward to your nice pictures.


ton francais est tres bien, felicitations. i went back to paris for first january,
it was cold but the snow made the city beautiful, i have some picture from the eiffel tower to upload...


Oh, dear Tone, Congratulations!
Your sales must be grow faster......


yeah, you sure can! :)


I really appreciate you sharing your struggles and then your successes. Its very encouraging. I'm new to DT since August. I'm still quite a long ways from a payout, but your words and perserverance inspire me! Congratulations on your first $100.00 payout, I hope someday I will get there too!


Bonjour Olivier, je savais que vous êtes un français par votre profil, je viens de visiter la France l'année dernière, je l'aime beaucoup et je peux parler un peu français. voir mon nouveau blog sur france Voyage et vos images sont fantastiques!


congrats i made the same one month ago...
efforts are always rewarded. i used some of your pictures in my
aviation collection check it out.


Congratulations!! :)


hey congratulations!!!


Congratulations and good luck with all your future sales. Your images are beautiful.


Congrats :-)


Congrats :-)


i was very moved by your comments. thanks for sharing with us. i have only just started my journey, and gather strength from your story. thank you.


It didn't come fast and easy to me either, but it gave me time to grow and learn. Keep coming back! You'll like what you see as the $ grows!


thanks to all ^^
hope everyone here in good sale!


Congratulations and wishing you many more!


Wish u have more downloads !


Congrats to you. :)


thanks Justmeyo for your comments.


Congratulations!Next 100$ will come much faster,you will see!Gabriel


thanks to you all and hope your photos are also in good sale!


Anyone whom makes their first $100 on DT can no longer call themselves an amateur. You move to the head of the class, congratulations.


Hey good you came back to DT, now you see how your money grow,




Congrats! Your travel photos are great. Very vivid.


Congratulations! Pure images.


It's good! Congratulations!!!!!

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