My 1st anniversary

Hi all!

My first year of discovering Dreamstime stock photo agency just passed and I think it's a great occasion to make some statistics and a summary.

First of all I have to tell you, that I wasn't too busy contributor. In the period of 1 year I've uploaded 98 pictures, which is 7,54 picture per month only.

My acceptance ratio is 64,5 % and I think it isn't as high as it could be. But I'll try to make it better. ;-)

In fact my portfolio is rather small with 0,52 % portfolio exposure.

But... that little amount of images reached 84 downloads, which is 0,86 per image.

My mostly viewed image is Two doves flying together with 645 views.

The best downloaded image is Blue agate stone with 8 downloads overall.

4 of my images reached a 2nd level with 5 or more downloads.

I think that I'm a bit more experienced DT member now and being very close to my first payout makes me very excited.

Beside that, I'd like to tell you that the best thing Dreamstime gave me in this period it was participation in such a great photo community. It's a greatest pleasure to meet so many friendly people interested in photography and digital designing.

Thank you all for your kind comments, creative and helpful criticism, for sharing your knowledge and for being friends.

Wish you all the best!

© Chagin




Please, let me know what do you think about my ratings?

Also feel free to comment me and tell me what are your results too.

Photo credits: Konstantin Chagin, Michal Heciak, Robyn Mackenzie.

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Thank you Marilyn!


Congratulations, Michal! Wishing you lots of success into your second year here!

Best regards,


Thank you very much for your comments. I can learn a lot from you.


Happy DT Day!
I belive you'll have more sales in 2009.


Happy DT day Michal. good luck for the coming year


Happy DT Day. I wish you continued success in the next year.


Happy DT Day, Michal! You sell well, so... the more you upload the more you'll sell (I'm not, like you, a busy contributor...). Bye, Rob.


Happy DT Day, Its a good start, you will have many more to come, keep uploading.

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