My 60th image... called PS: I Love You!

My latests image - number 60 (called "PS: I Love You!") has been approved, hurray :D

Few words about this image. One day, I got the idea. I discussed it with my friend and she really developed my basic idea. In fact, she came out with 12 more variants :D We decided to make the first one...

I have asked two models about it, but with no success :( Then I tried one of my co-worker... and she agreed :D

So, I have idea and model = we were ready to go. I booked the atelier and bought 1300 pieces of post-its.

We were facing one problem. Who will write all the notes on the post-its? Hopefully many (about 20) of our co-workers helped and soon we have about 1100 of them with many names and "fake" phone numbers.

So... During 4 hours in atelier we made about 500 RAW shots with several positions, props and make-ups. As I already written, we used 1100 post-its (under model and on model).

Hope You will like it.

What I used:

* Canon EOS-350D

* Canon EF 50/1,8 II (yes, the cheapest one from Canon)

* few studio strobes (Fomei)

* standing ladder ;)

Photo credits: Ladislav Soukup.

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August 16, 2008


Rebeccaosborn: Thank You :D It was hard to prepare the shooting, but at the end, it was really fun and good experience.

August 14, 2008


amazing shot - LOVE it!! what a creative and original idea. I'm glad you got someone to agree to model for you!

have you seen the film 'PS i love you' - great film too!!

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