My active referrals.

I have promoted DT & other microstock to my clients and friends and relatives. I stress on DT more. As of now, only few are listed under my refereed photographer, Anyways I take this opportunity to introduce them and there work to DT community.

Sorted Descending by Activity.

1. Acedubai

Some of his images,

© Acedubai ( Help)
© Acedubai ( Help)
© Acedubai ( Help)
© Acedubai ( Help)

2. Thanseerbk

Some of this photographers images,

3. Nakash

his works

© Nakash ( Help)
© Nakash ( Help)
© Nakash ( Help)
© Nakash ( Help)

4. KZCI Images

His work,

5. Moonas78

Her work

© Moonas78 ( Help)

There could be many more, as in almost every event I promote DT, Now I'm insisting them to add my referral id, but still don't see many sign ups. I have to think a way to do it effectively. Any ideas?????

Oh yeah I have earned 5.26 as referral commission.

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March 05, 2010


essalam my friend. as always, you are a sharing person, and it's wonderful to see your friends here on DT.

March 05, 2010


amazing pictures. good luck with the referrals

March 05, 2010


Nice going - I've finally got a friend going with some uploads as well! The ceiling in Wafi Mall is amazing!

March 05, 2010


Hi Altaf! Great ports you have introduced to us! I advise you to use your referral link through your e-mails also! Who knows when somebody could click on there! Keep up the good work ;)

March 05, 2010


I have three referrals, but they have no any images...I think they're buyers :)
Anyway, really nice promotion!

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