My additional format

I'd like to be in autumn or winter to taste the cold of those seasons!

Summer it's too hot for sleeping good and, with few hours slept every night, also my will to create is smaller (not everyday, fortunately).

I started to uploads EPS file, some of them are already accepted by DT and it's very good, not only because, through the eps, I can give buyers a greater supply, but also because upload eps, allow me to "pick up ideas for new images to be created, as well as create a continuous line to load the images (at this time I decided to upload a very little number of images to facilitate the loading of the eps, but that's OK).

Anyway, these are some of my new images.

Soon, G.E.

Photo credits: Gheburaseye.

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June 18, 2010


thank you mariaam :)

June 17, 2010


Wonderful illustrations! Great shapes! It´s good that you also upload the additional format! Good luck! ;)

June 16, 2010


Thank you all :)

@ Thanatonautii: Have you tried to use the eps format for images? I noticed that, at least exporting EPS with gimp, the quality remains the same as the jpg. However, I reassure you: when I say "upload EPS" I say that I'm uploading an additional format. I decided to upload this format to give buyers the greatest range of possible formats for each image.
Soon, G.E. :)

June 16, 2010


Very nice drawings. Congrats and keep loading.

June 16, 2010


You have wonderful drawings and uploading .eps files is a great idea! I`m uploading .ai file as additional format. But still my illustrations are not that good. I feel like not finding my colors ( as I`m used to work on paper), and for the moment I`m to lazy and I don`t have enough time to get my drawing tablet out from the box :)
One question : what do you mean when you say that you are uploading eps? You are talking about additional format, or is something else that I should know about? :)
Thanks for sharing!

June 16, 2010


Well done ;)

June 16, 2010


Your illustrations are great. i hope you do very well with them.

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