My adventure into stock photography

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Growing up as a military brat. I moved a lot . As I told my granddaughter one time when she was unhappy about moving. Think of it as an adventure, new friends,new things to see, new home, and new opportunities.As a young child I did not understand this myself. However, as I look back on my adventures I realize the greatness of seeing new places, things and people. I was given a camera at a young age and started my journey into photography.

The rolling of film strips, the pulling of Polaroid’s, the turning dials of the film camera, the developing, and waiting! Then in the late 80s my first Minolta 35mm film camera and lens...Zoom, wide, ect.developing on cds or floppy disk. The computer,the programs to edit...WOW.I started to see things in a different way. These were amazing photos. I thought.

For Christmas 2003, my hubby bought me my first digital camera a Kodak point and shoot because my Minolta broke. I still have it somewhere. It was my friend for many years. Therefore, with my first digital camera I could see the progress that the world of photography had made. In 2007 I started selling my photos (which were very BAD) on stock sites’ the rejection. Now I learn from them. Then my Canon 400D Lens and more lens. It broke and now I am blessed with a Canon 50D.It amazes me everyday. As an amateur photographer I see things different than most, the beauty in everything.I Joined DT in 2008 but became active in 2009.Now I chose to be exclusive here at DT.It works for me. Less stress! Hope this was not to long. Happy shooting everyone

Hugs Debbie

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Photo credits: Arenacreative, Cgidesigner, Dmccale, Gabormarcali, Lyn Baxter, Vasiliy Koval, Desislava Vasileva, Maen Zayyad, Michael Spring, Kacper Kida, Patrick Hall, Sandra Dragojlovic, Scottysally2, Solarseven, Warren Millar.

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Nice blog Debbie, I wish you'll have more sales!


thank you Kitty.Welcome here at DT.I am not sure what photo you are talking about,most of the above are not mine.But I use a program called PhotoImpact 12 by Ulead I think it is a lot like PhotoShop.Good luck with your adventure.


Nice photo's. Do you mind if I ask what kind of software you use or do you recommend any. I've just started an account with DT. I work fulltime in the IT industry though considering cutting make room for my photography interest. I"d like to make a second income out of it. I will be self-taught. I just love taking photo's. I get up every saturday morning at the moment. NIce and early :P


Thanks Carolyn mine was about that much plus I had about 3 lens.I loved it.


Great blog Debbie! The first SLR camera I bought was a Minolta too, an X300 back in '87. I took mostly slides with it. I wish there had been digital available when I first started out, it would have been so much cheaper and maybe I could have afforded to keep my camera gear when my first child was born. I ended up having to sell it all. I recently bought another X300 for $20 online it's funny cos my original cost me over $700. :)))


Thanks so much,Warren he is handsome,Not sure who he is.LOL


Nice blog Debbie ....... who's the hansom guy with his thumbs up ?? :-)


Very nice blog, I ejnoyed reading it :) all of we have a curve of learning :) my soots from 2006 are awful :)


thanks for sharing your wisdom learnt through life. Having to appreciate changes in life and accepted it is easier to said than done. Well done.


thanks all I wish all of you success also


What a lovely Blog Debbie,,, :)
May your enthusiasm continue :)


It's nice you wrote it. I wish you much success in the photograph, and your family patience to endure with you. (Because I know that my children and wife with me). Greetings from the heart!


Nice Blog!! Great shots!!


thanks so much,I wish the dolphin photo was mine Thanatonautu.I added other photos to add concepts to my blog And Visceralimage its in my blood also.I have continued to move as an adult.Someday I will settle down.LOL.Thanks


Wonderful blog! Thanks for sharing and good luck!
I love your dolphins!


Great blog, Debbie! Have a lots of beautiful moments with your camera!


thanks everyone


Beautiful blog Debbie!


dont you just love technology. thanks for sharing your adventure and happy shooting to you too!


Very great article!It is a progress for all of us :)I wish you a lot of sales and inspiration for great photos!


Nice Blog, I remember growing up a military brat also. Once my father retired I kept moving, I guess it is in my blood now.


Nice progress & thanks for sharing your thoughts Debbie! Good luck ;)


Thanks to you all good sales to you also


Enjoy the exclusive benefits. Wish many sales, too.


A whole lotta best wishes for the adventure ahead too!!!!!


I wish you have more sales!
Best wishes.


Best wishes on your adventure!


Thanks Dessie and Starblue.I wish you all many sales


Beautiful blog! It is so nice to hear experiences of the others :-) I wish you a lot of successes and ideas for a lot of beautiful prhotography... and of course to have fan and joy during learning more and more photography :-)


Good luck ahead, Debbie!

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