My artificial island made for insect macro shoots

I made this micro-island from plastic, sand, rocks and seashells and I put on it various insects. A photo studio for these tiny "models".

Is very comfortable to shoot on this island, I can rotate it for good angle. This video show the moment when I put a can full of caterpillars over the spider, a really assault from the sky :)

Around the island is water, as you can see the caterpillars can swim but the spider was keept at place to do the web. I have another video with the spider and the web. The female spiders from photos bellow got babies on this island :) Her body is so big because she was pregnant.

Youtube video: caterpillar paratroopers over the spider

I will put more videos on my blog:

Some photos from DT made on this island with the pregnant female spider:

Filmed with a Panasonic FZ-28.

Photo credits: , Alvera.

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wow! That's what I say macro!


Thanks Concetta. Please see the video too... if you are not afraid of bugs.


Amazing macrophoto, very very great work!


Thanks. :)


That island will grant you really great opportunities like using flashes, backgrounds and unlimited time. I have a friend from Flickr, her name is Vie Lipowski, I suggest to check her works :) it is absolutely the greates idea to do! Just as expected from a King :))


Great images!


Thank you all for kindly words, I am pleased you like my work. Please look at minute 5:20, is the first attempt to escape.


Great done, Your Majesty!


your images are amazing...


interesting. Will read more about it and from the links later!


The catterpilars are huge compared to the spider!
I would run if I were the spider!


Good idea, gives you great opputunities for photographs. Perhaps other creatures might end up on your island. I can think off some I would like you to banish from the kingdom to excile.


What a coincidence, i was outside last night taking pics of a huge spider spinning a web to test out my new 70-200L lens in the dark... i'm surpised the spider didn't attack the caterpillars


My dear friends, Pindiyath100 I think you meant to say: Great idea and excellent execution, Alvera!!!! Alvera is our King here, you did not know??And yes, I agree, great idea and excellent execution!:)


Great idea and excellent execution, Lenuta!! Sure to see more great pics in this wonderful series. :)


Gripping! How does it end? When's the next episode.


Wow! Are venomous?I hope they sell well! God luck Your Majesty!:)


Cool idea! Thanks for sharing!


Cool idea! Thanks for sharing!


Do insect macro shots sell?

Not mine. This is a common spider.


Do insect macro shots sell?

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