My assignment cooks - accepted and rejected

I tried not to be boring, really. I don't think I'm able to win the assignment. I compete with myself trying to do my best and - that's what is important - to surprise others. That's a nice goal worth of hours to draw.

So I drew two cooks. The second one (Robot cook) was rejected as assignment picture but accepted as a usual one. It's not bad in fact: everyone knows level 5 images sell mostly by subscription for 42 cents only and image of level 1 may bring more revenue this way

Photo credits: Makarova Olga.

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Love the mouse!!! Very cute.


Lovely images & big dreams are better even ;)


I love the mouse!!!!


The mouse is perfect! And two very nice!


nice work sales will come.I had one assignment.It had one reg sale.good luck


I find with my assignment images, initially I will get subscriptions and then regular downloads. Overall level 5 is a good thing.

I love your little mouse! Best wishes for you to win! Robot is very creative as well... you have to wonder what is in that pot!


love the mouse!! and the robot! well done :)


I'm agree with Brad, as always ;-). Anyway, good job: two very nice cooks! Bye, Rob.


Great job! Don't be too sure on the level 5, thing though. My top seller is an assignment image - I've had 13 downloads and all were regular credit purchases. On the other hand, my 2nd best assignment entry has 11 downloads with 8 being subscriptions. So you never know - I suspect is has a lot to do with who might buy the image...

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