My baby boy is growing up…

This picture was taken a long time ago – 2 years ago. And to me it’s been so long ago that without a picture I really don’t believe that my baby was so little… :) I adore him, and whatever I do is dedicated to him.

Now he is 2,6 years old, and he can even make presents to me on any occasion.

He gave me this picture to my birthday this year. It was an unforgettable feeling to have a gift from my son! Now when I come home from work he meets me as I open a door, kisses me Hello and says I missed you! This makes my eyes wet, and I keep kissing him. I think this is the moment when I understand that almost 2 years old my life was so empty without him.

He knows letters and figures, learns three languages (Russian, English, and Ukrainian), loves drawing and dancing with me and U2, and dreaming of visiting their concert :).

I love him so much!..

Photo credits: Awizard.

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you know, U2 is now arranging an Europe tour, called 360. Will you go on concert? I'm afraid I won't go as it is far from my country, so the trip could be quite expensive.


Nice blog, and as a father who loves and even admires his son I can relate to how he makes you feel :0) My son loves all music, his father (me) loves U2 and would also love to see them in concert.

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