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Well, It's 2 years since I first discovered the "STOCK PHOTOGRAPHY". I was just a beginner, I had a digital camera and a lot of illusion. I read on the net you can be paid for your pics, this was like a wow! for me

I stared to upload in a lot of pages, and getting a lot lot of rejections, frustrations and impotence :(

When I take a look back, my first photos, I find them very bad!! 2 years ago I didn't understand WHY my pics were rejected.

I've been learning during the time, retouch the photos, improve the colors, learn about lights, contrast, night photography, ISO and a lot of items I didn't have knowledgement

Well, through the times I learn more and more and keep learning :)

I love this!!!

Photo credits: Titania1980.

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August 24, 2009


Thank you Titania. I appreciate your sympathy and interest in my lost. Regards.

November 14, 2008


thank you!! I also still have many rejections but less than 2 years ago :)

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