Hey! Spring time, gardens, gardens, gardens. I am sure I am not the only one thinking of it. Gardens sells very well in stock photography business. But on the other hand, it is very hard to sell a picture of garden. I guess one reason is that there are too many good ones online already. How much I love gardens? My first pictures online were gardens. I have about 400 pictures of gardens in less than 3 years, but only about 20% of them made sales. That is a low percentage. Don't you love and hate them? The picture below sold in a few days in 2012, and never made any more sales! That is very discouraging.

Picturesque Japanese garden with pond

Then the picture below made $35 in one sale, the highest profit among all my sales. It continued to make sales and reaches $50 in profit now. I guess you don't need perfect lighting and blue sky. Less shadow or more? You probably think it is too much shadow as I thought, but someone got to like shadows!! Someone must be tired of blue sky. Someone must like something different! Well, I had no choice but to take it, differently and unwillingly.

Garden with nice lawn and pond

What types of gardens you like? Show me your masterpiece? I thought my masterpiece is this piece of lawn. No weeds, level, nice groomed vegetation, zen style rock, soothing lighting, you name it!!

Beautiful yard with lush greenery

Where is your next garden trip? I am heading to Victoria BC Canada, a taste of Europe to comfort my itchy mind.

Photo credits: Jackbluee.

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Beautiful! Congratulations!


What beautiful photography ..amazing return on the second photo. Love gardens and nature as the shadows and lighting are always changing!


I like your garden. Thank u for sharing.


You have to visit Keukeunhof Tulip Garden in Netherlands. There are more than 7 million bulbs in bloom this spring, with a total of 800 varieties of tulips spreading spacious in 32 hectares. You can shoot 'till your battery drop there.. :D

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