My best pictures ever made

Wooowww!!!! A week ago I started working on my newest pictures. And here they are. I'm more then satisfied with my work because this are my best pictures ever made.

Please add comments and say your opinion about my pictures!!! :D:D:D:D:D Thank you !!!

This photos are also available in additional format!!!!!

Photo credits: , Tr1991.


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Beautiful images! Congrats: I like them very much! Bye, Rob.


I really find your cartoons very interesting. I like the way you create your 3D effect. I am personally more inclined to prefer the colorful ones. Although, there is something special about your black and white ones that pulls me in and draws my interest.......I wonder what it is. It may be because they look so lifelike and each person has his/her own personality.


Great work! Love them, good luck!


-Yes, very artistic pictures:)) You are well emphasized the emotions of these people. Congratulations!

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