My best selling image - Dreamstime

I worked for a business newspaper for almost three years. One day, I was shooting a boring conference in a tiny, but crowded room in an office building. The conference lasted for about 2 hours, but I got really really bored in the first half an hour.

So I got out, having nothing to do but waiting for the driver to come pick us up. Instead of just doing nothing, I started playing around with the camera. I also took 5 shots with the front door of the meeting room, where the conference was still in progress.

I was just playing, but the best shot with the front door turned out to be my best selling photo on Dreamstime. 122 downloads and counting. Oh wait, another one! 123 downloads and counting.

Seems like in photography any occasion can be a good occasion.

Here's the photo:

Meeting room in use

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Photo credits: Viorel Dudau.

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August 24, 2011


Thanks everybody! Don't forget to WRITE YOURS! @Keith: well, my assignment was different and pretty clear that day, and my contract was not exclusive, but long story short - the company went bankrupt and the newspaper was closed, so even if I had an exclusive contract (which I didn't), "they" don't exist anymore...

August 24, 2011


Great photo!

August 24, 2011


Very cool... just as long as the newspaper doesn't consider the photo their property since you were working for them at the time.

August 23, 2011



August 23, 2011


Congratulations!! Great image!!

August 23, 2011


I love it!!!!

August 23, 2011



August 23, 2011


It is a great image, It tells to many things.

August 23, 2011


Great image,congrats!

August 23, 2011


Very simple but popular idea, congratulations!

August 23, 2011


Great shot and great contest idea!

August 23, 2011


Thanks, guys! Let's hear your stories :)

August 23, 2011


It´s a very good photo! Congratulations!

August 23, 2011


Nice one and congrats

August 23, 2011


Great photo!Congratulations!

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