My Best Selling Images in last 12 months

After reading Tangle's blog (Carmen Pietraru): 'Best Sellers of 2014' and seeing that one of my images was included as a top seller, I decided to have a look at my personal best sellers of the last 12 months.

So here are the results..... 'My top 10 best selling Dreamstime images of the last 12 months' ......

Rio De Janeiro - Christ the Redeemer - Brazil

*My Top Seller - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (RF)


Total sales to date: 461

Total income from this image: $1658

Total sales by this image in last 12 months: 108

Taj Mahal - Agra - India

2nd - Taj Mahal, Agra, India (RF)


Total sales to date: 357

Total income from this image: $1057

Total sales last 12 months: 60

(Note: this image will not crop well to this format)

Christ the Redeemer - Rio De Janeiro - Brazil

3rd - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (RF)


Total sales to date: 286

Total income from this image: $838

Total sales in last 12 months: 56

Christ the Redeemer - Rio de Janeiro - Brazil

4th - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (RF)


Total sales to date: 259

Total income from this image: $806

Total sales in last 12 months: 51

Sydney Opera House - Australia

5th - Sydney Opera House, Australia (Editorial)


Total sales to date: 182

Total income from this image: $376

Total sales in last 12 months: 45

(Note: this image will not crop well to this format)

Hot Air Balloon - Sossusvlei - Namibia

6th - Namib Desert, Namibia (RF)

Total sales in last 12 months: 42

Capitol Building - Washington DC

7th - Washington DC, USA (RF)

Total sales in last 12 months: 33

(Note: this image will not crop well to this format)

Twin Towers - New York - Patriotic Symbols

8th - New York, USA (RF)

Total sales in last 12 months: 23

(Note: this image will not crop too well to this format)

Dawn over the temples of Bagan - Myanmar (Burma)

9th - Dawn above the temples of Bagan, Myanmar (Burma) - (RF)

Total sales in last 12 months: 23

Grand Canal - Venice - Italy

10th - Grand Canal, Venice, Italy (RF)

Total sales in last 12 months: 23

(Note: this image will not crop well to this format)

Also, below is my best selling 'new' image. I have sold this 15 times since it was uploaded at the end of August 2014, most of the sales were in the weeks surrounding the Scottish Referendum in September.

(Note: this image will not crop well to this format).

It shows the flag of Scotland over the Union Jack of the United Kingdom and illustrates Scottish independence. (RF)

Flags of Scotland and UK - Scottish Independence

It's interesting that 3 of my top 4 are images of Rio de Janeiro. I can only think this is due to Brazil hosting the World Cup and the forthcoming Olympic Games.

These 3 shots (plus many others) were shot from a helicopter I hired to do aerial shots over Rio. Just these three images have earned, on the DT site alone, more than double what it cost to hire the helicopter.

In fact I estimate that all the shots from just that aerial shoot, on all the sites I submit to, have earned enough to more than cover the cost of my entire month long trip to South America.

Lastly, here's an image that's not yet made a single sale !

Torres del Paine National Park in Patagonia in Southern Chile

Dawn in Torres Del Paine National Park, Patagonia, in southern Chile (RF)

Current Overall Statistics:

Uploaded files: 6,701

Total Earnings: $28,008.04

Total sales: 19,659

Acceptance ratio: 84.2%

(Stats correct as of 24th Feb. 2015)

The image below has the most number of 'views' in my portfolio.

Images views do not always equate to the number of sales. For instance, this image of the Manhattan skyline (pre-911), has had 27,152 views, but only 48 downloads.

New York Manhattan skyline - Before and after 9/11

Photo credits: Steve Allen.

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Beautiful images-thanks for sharing


wonderful pics


So inspiring and beautiful..thanks for sharing...


Wonderful images!
Thanks for the sharing!


Amazing images! Great work! Congratulations and thank you for sharing!


wow!!! I prefer the photos take in Brasil! Congratulation


Amazing images!!!


Thanks for the sharing. Very impressive and motivating.

Ujjaldey got an inspiring portfolio


Congratulations! Very nice photo.






Wonderful imagery! Yes, I'm sure the popularity of the Rio images is due to the world cup and upcoming olympics. I guess it's time to pack my bags and head to Moscow. The next world cup will be there.


Absolutely brilliant images, Steve. I wish I could create such breathtaking
images. What a gift you have. LEE


Congratulation! Great photos!


Your photos are beautiful and make me want to pack my suitcase today and travel.


Love your work!


beautiful images...!!!!...really....


very good blog it will increase others contributors mind power


Love your travel images - interesting to know which ones sell the best. Nice blog.


Can I be your assistant? ha


Thanks for a very interesting and thought provoking article. Fantastic images; including the one of Torres Del Paine!


Reply from Steve Allen:
Yes, Dprogers, I see what you are saying regarding the use of images of Sydney Opera House. That's why this image is marked 'Editorial Use Only'
It cannot be used in advertising, which is 'commercial use'.



so beautiful!!!


Great pictures! Congratulations!


Mr. Mrallen, immediately after entering the village Dreamstime I enrolled as a member of my favorite, of course, that it is because of your photos that I have carefully examined and am not at all surprised you succeed in sales, you have a good example to us the other members and I would like to wish you even more success in the future. Best regards.


Great great great WORK ! Amazing portfolio. Congratulations ! :)


Congratulations.Wonderful images.


Hiring helicopters, Wow! That's really taking it to the next level! but you have a great life! A month in Brazil! Perhaps one of these days! But in the meantime! Congrats! Great work as well :)

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