My camera is a lady

Of course it's a female. Since I bought "her", all silver and shiny, ready to explore life with me, I've always thought that it's a she. Throughout time we became real friends, true friends, I got to know her and her feelings, she got to learn to be patient with me and my desires, also with my very changeable mood.

Now, after all this time we've spent together, I look at her and she looks tired. She looks like an old but elegant countess, a fat lady with all her adornments, with a slow but fancy walk.

When I look at her I hear an old music played at an old gramophone, very low, very soft, to match her smart moves.

And after all this time, I think it's time for her to take things slow. I haven't told her yet, I don't know how and when I will, but I want to change my camera. I hope she will take it easy, I hope she will understand me. I tend to think that she will, after all, we know each other very well.

I'm not going to send her away, I will give her to my mother. They want to slowly explore each other. I think this will be a good thing for the both of them.

So, I know what kind of camera I will buy, but I actually don't know what it will be like. :D I think that in the moment i will lay my hands on it, I will figure this out.

Maybe all of these are odd, but it's what I feel... have you ever thought anything like that?

Photo credits: , Creativefire, Andrey Kiselev.


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March 09, 2008


:-) i agree with you our camera they are she and they must have a lot of patients with us


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