My camera lens

I started again to upload photos and i am happy.Two months i took a "break".

I say break between quotes because i did not wanted this break but i made a mistake and my camera was broken.I will tell you stupidity that I did to not do the same .My camera lens had a small,small i thinking i can remove dust with a special palette for lenses bought from a professional shop.

But i think not was so special...because i did scratch the lens in a bad way..

one week after i tried hard to remove the scratch with different solutions.

I gave a lot of solution on lens and cleaned all the protective uv...the result was i did broken all lens. So all things started with a little ,little dust and finished with all lens broken.

Anyway i did order other lens and i took the camera to a professional service who know better how to clean and repair a camera.

I learned my lesson now to not do that again by myself,much better to clean my camera lens in a professional service.

So now i am back to business and started to upload photos,not all accepted yet but soon will be online all.My first photos accepted on site , after changed lens was for assignments

And a new model

Wish you all a great day....

PS!I was extremely mad when i broken lens but now i laugh when i remember how stupid i was.

Photo credits: Gabriel Blaj.

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Hey Thanks for sharing. Sorry to hear about your lens. You should try to use an air blower like a rocket blower before you bring in for professional cleaning. It normally does the trick for me.


Thank you Marilyn :) I feel like i am active again on site,wish you luck too


Welcome back and congratulations on your assignment images -- too bad about your lens, a very tough lesson! Looks like you are back on track, cheers!


Thank you very much


Welcome back, and the images for the assignment are very good, well done.


A lesson for life, thanks for sharing this, might some one will be cautious now.

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