My camera, my shadow

Ever since I got my DSLR, I have told myself to get use to its weight. Besides its weight, its abit hard for me to ever 'downgrade' to a compact camera. Not that I am putting down PnS cameras but you will somehow find the buttons and dials on the DSLR missing on the PnS - that is when you feel you really miss the DSLR and its manual control superiority.

Again, my Nikon d80 has never really idle for too long. Although I am not as intensive as some others, I managed to reach 20K shutter count in a rather intensive span of 6months. That of course considering my learning stage where many shots was shot and going through a trial and error process of selecting the better pictures.

My DSLR also never left my side whenever I go out for 95% of the time. 5% of which remaining I can't remember when exactly I didn't bring them out. It became part of me that I find myself can't live without. Not too extreme of course but its rather essential that I wouldn't want to waste any golden opportunity.

Speaking of that, I went jogging recently and saw a motorcyclist performing a stunt on a public road. A dangerous and illegal act, at that moment I can only watch and tell myself its a chance that just literally rode by. However, these are the situations I can't bring my DSLR with! when I'm exercising!

So, how often is YOUR DSLR by your side when you leave home?

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