My cats

When kitty most happy , it is to see the delicious food.

Whenever I go home from work, Cats were in the home will

be at the door to welcome me.They look into my eyes, I seem to understand what they want to say.They seem to say, "You worked hard to bring back what we eat?"....Just like this lovely cat on this picture ...:)

I often come off duty to buy some snacks for these lovely cats,

I think this is a kind of responsibility too:)

Photo credits: Linqong.


cat kitty pet

Your article must be written in English

March 15, 2008


Like a king.

March 14, 2008


Treats are a must! well said, Kittycat

March 14, 2008


They are adorable. My cat does the same thing. Treats are a must. :)

March 14, 2008


You are right !Thank you,my friend.

March 14, 2008


Yes, a definite responsibility! The look on this little guy is priceless!

Cats have a wonderful ability to make us want to serve them...

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