My city Wroclaw

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Wroclaw is historical city in region called Lower Silesia in Poland. It is situated on the Oder river.

Population of Wroclaw is very large and compound, officially its population is over 600.000 making it the one of largest city in Poland, but the people living in Wroclaw are also the students that for almost all the year live and study in here. I m the main example of such situation I live in Wroclaw for over nine years but officially I am living in Częstochowa even now.

Wroclaw is very old city with many architecture remnants of time and difficult history. City is compound of Eastern and Western cultures especially German culture. This mix is evident in our architecture and culture. For those who never been to Poland Wroclaw should be the first to travel.

It is big and beautiful city with many green parks and squares, majestic architecture and night party live.

Photo credits: Dariusz Czesław, Malgosia Pytel, Radekk007, Satori13.

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