My Computer Broke And I Lost My Photos

Losing your photos can be the worst problem that can happen to a photographer. Your photo agency may have a big system crash and not be able to retrieve your photos, then what do you do!

After a shoot dump all your photos in a directory (I call it Photos to process) and then when you’re done Photoshopping the good ones, put them into a sub directory (I call it Uploads this month). Once approved you can add the files to a final directory (I call that one Dreamstime). Burn everything on a DVD, then as future photos get approved just add them to the final directory and add them to the DVD


To safe guard your photos (as well as everything else) from being lost forever whether it’s your fault or not, you need to backup your computer at least once a month to an external harddrive.

Now you have 3 copies of your Dreamstime photos:

1 Computer

2 External Backup Drive USB


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August 22, 2007


well you must feel very bad, but you can't back it, so there is no need to look back, I know it is easy to say but - you have to back your enthusiasm.

August 22, 2007


I also know this horrible moments. Two years ago it happened........ I still have the sound of the crashing harddisk in my ears........ now I have a Raid-System in my PC, this means two equal harddisks and every wrting or reading is done simultan on both harddisks. And additionaly I burn the files every saturday on a DVD. I never want to have such a horrible experience again.

August 21, 2007


I know how you feel. I, too, lost a lot of files one time. Not just images, either, but also personal poems and journal entries. I was heartbroken. :( Now I have an external harddrive for all of my photos. I'm am also looking into a backup system to further protect my images. I would like to have a third back up for all of my images, and keep that in a fire-proof box in a completely different room. That way, too, if my apartment catches on fire, I have a greater chance at saving some very important files.

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