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If you have been following my blog posts (I don't know why you would, and I am not presumptuous enough to assume that you are, but play along like you know what I am talking about, k?), I have been talking alot about light lately.

Why shouldn't mean I? Without light, all we have is a black screen. No matter how many cool or original items we put in front of our viewfinder, no light-no picture. I don't think I have to tell you that Photography literally means "painting with light", do I? I mean, we all study the background of words that mean so much to us, like what our names mean. The word photography is almost as important as your own name, right? Most of us name our businesses "INSERT YOUR NAME HERE PHOTOGRAPHY", don't we? So, it's our own name, then the word photography in the billing.

Recently, I have been absolutely fascinated by light to the point where I begin to giggle sometimes. And, as a veteran of Afghanistan and Iraq and over 15 years of Active duty service in the US Army, when something makes me giggle, it has to REALLY tickle me. (Or maybe I am just becoming loony in my old age?)

The other day I was walking through this hall. The sun was at about a 45 degree angle and was beaming through a slot created by the makeshift door that we had installed in a doorway. The hallway was full of dust from all the traffic as people bustled to work, dancing their way through this beam. People came in and out through the door, completely unaware of it's presence. I, on the other hand, was stopped dead in my tracks as I rounded the corner and happened upon its happy stream. I stood there for a second, just looking at it. Then I thought, "HELLO MEAT-HEAD! Go get your camera!" So, I ran to my office and grabbed it and came back before the sun continued to far along its path into the sky to fit through the opening.

As I stood there shooting pictures from different angles in this dark, dank, beat up, dusty, broken down hallway, I realized what a contrast this pure beam of golden sunshine was to it's surroundings. I felt like I wasn't the only one that noticed it's presence. I felt like the walls around where the light ended it's journey at the base of the wall across from the doorway were all leaning in a bit, trying to catch a little drop. They envied that one part of the wall, with its light hitting it so brightly that it covered up the chips of paint and scuff marks that covered all of the walls in that hallway.

Seeing light, truly seeing it, helps us to see the things that bask in its presence, whether it is an overcast day, a candlelit eatery, or Yankee Stadium on a warm, sunny, summer day.

Enjoy the light!

PS. I usually try to use images that have zero sales to give them more exposure, but in this case, all the images that illustrated rays of light had multiple sales....hmmm.....

Photo credits: Marek Chalupník, Sergey Berezin, Derek Abbott, Melanie Defazio.

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September 16, 2007


First of all, thank you for your service!

You paint both with words and light! What an awesome display of your work. I love what Maigi said below about noticing the little things in life. That's why I named my business Living LIFE Photography. You have a wonderful talent for seeing the beauty of this temporary world we live in, and you bless others by capturing your vision for us all to see. Thank you for sharing.

September 16, 2007


he does have a way with words doesn't he? Jay, you are becoming a wordsmith along with your photography. a painter of light, a painter of words - what a glorious combination !

things like this catch my attention as well, i tend to think of it as a little touch of heaven in my otherwise worldly, hectic day. a subtle reminder that God is in the details.

how thankful i am that you were able to have this ray of calming light, in the midst of chaos and strife. may you bask in its glow for many days my friend.

September 16, 2007


Love your stories! It's an amazing gift to notice little things in life. Little, but which make our life worthwhile. We should treasure such gifts and not to loose them. Thanks for sharing that special moment! :)

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